Sébastien Lapointe’s practice is based on sampling, diversion, looping and appropriation of existing cultural objects, in order to emphasize or alter their meaning by subjecting them to new circumstances. Sébastien Lapointe’s recent works in photography, video, urban intervention and installation are based on the principles of difference and repetition. The artist brings together all the facets of his practice by assembling an exhibition drawn straight from urban and electronic culture of cutting, copying, pasting, editing.

Sébastien Lapointe has participated in various exhibitions in Canada [Musée du Québec, Center Clark, Le Lobe, SAT, Galerie Sans-Nom…] as well as abroad [Spain, France, Thailand]. He regularly collaborates with other artists and collectives including Gennaro De Pasquale, the Parallaxe collective and Complot Records. He is also active in the field of electronic music under the name of DjSlap and has participated in various events under this name for a dozen years. Sébastien Lapointe teaches at Collège Lionel-Groulx and holds a
master’s degree in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal.