Patrick Lundeen, with his large, cut canvases, creates iconic images. Familiar or comforting symbols thus become strange, altered by the artist’s process. An image in mind, Lundeen associates it with a found image that seems approximate; he then paints from this “reality”. The obvious thoroughness of Lundeen’s creative process testifies to the impossibility of recreating the original thought in its entirety. 

Just like the tiny sections of paint that make up the work, cannot mix, the imagined image and the image produced never quite correspond to each other. Patrick Lundeen holds a master’s degree in visual arts from Concordia University. Exposed to Canada, the United States and often in Europe, his work notably took part in 2004 in the RBC Painting Competition, allowing him to tour the country. Patrick Lundeen is represented in Montreal by Galerie PUSH in Calgary by Skew Gallery and in Stockholm (Sweden) by the Wetterling Gallery.